Because Our Work is Defined By Achieving Your Goals.


We Follow the Golden Rule

We treat our clients as we would expect to be treated.


We Begin with the End in Mind

We begin each engagement by understanding and critically evaluating the end goals. We make certain to focus on the right goals, and on the necessary strategy to achieve those goals. 


We Focus Relentlessly on What Matters

The 80/20 rule applies with special vigor to the practice of law. We achieve superior results by focusing on the 20% of your case or your business deal that is mission critical. We get to the heart of the matter, and we stay there.


We Represent A Full Range of Clients

The only side we pick is yours. We represent plaintiffs, defendants, individuals, companies, partnerships and entrepreneurs. This is a considerable advantage to our clients. We see the world through a broad lens, and develop strategies that anticipate our opponent’s thinking. 


We Staff in Small Teams, Are Efficient and Cost-Effective

Small teams get better results. We are efficient, focused and cost-effective.   


We are Battle Tested

We are actively engaged in trials, court hearings, arbitrations, mediations, settlement and deal negotiations every day.  This is not a desk job for us. We never forget that we have been hired to help our clients win or favorably resolve disputes, and to negotiate and close deals while protecting your blindside.


We Will Be the Most Professional People in the Room

We take Charlie Munger’s maxim to heart: You can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow. We treat every person with courtesy and respect, and attempt to understand them as human beings. Our objective is to solve your problem or close a successful deal, not to show how tough we are.  We are more than tough enough when need be.


We Litigate with Determination, Discipline and Focus to Achieve Stellar Outcomes

It is always the central issues–the core facts and story–that make a lasting impression with judges, juries, arbitrators and mediators. We maintain that focus at every stage from the first pleadings in a case through trial.


We Bring Commercial, Financial and Entrepreneurial Expertise to Business Deals

While we love a good arbitration clause, we bring deep commercial, financial and entrepreneurial experience to business and employment negotiations.


We Share Risk

In addition to hourly fees, we offer contingent, blended and alternative fee structures. Our goal is to add value, and we are willing to take economic risk.


We Measure Ourselves by Our Results in Achieving your Goals

We have an outstanding record of success. We ask you to judge us on our results and our reputation.