Our practice spans a wide range of industries and clients – from Fortune 100 industrial companies, to high end consumer products companies, to national retail brands, to startup wellness companies, to individual executives and founders in the financial and software industries. 

For the vast majority of our representations, our skills and core competencies translate across industries: an employment or contract dispute, for example, is generally an employment or contract dispute, whether you are manufacturer of industrial products or an employee of a financial services firm. 

That said, there are unquestionably circumstances where deep industry knowledge is a significant advantage through understanding the economics and business issues, knowing industry standards, knowing and having a reputation with repeat players, and being well versed in critical legal issues that may be unique to an industry. 

We have substantial and deep experience in the following industries and businesses:

  • Financial Services & Insurance

  • Cannabis

  • Retail & Consumer Products

  • Industrials & Manufacturing

  • Real Estate

  • Startup Ventures